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Assistant Project Manager
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Assistant Project Manager

  • By ROBEX_News 

Job Summary

  • Assist in the overall administrative and technical direction of specified projects. May have responsibility for specific aspects of construction (IE, concrete, masonry, subcontractor administration) and/or other departments (i.e. Purchasing, Cost Accounting) depending on size and scope of project, while maintaining customer satisfaction through quality, service and value. 
  • Utilization of this position dependent on size, scope and complexity of project. Incumbent is normally second in command on large, complex projects.  Project responsibility specific to Project Manager.
  • Employment based on a return of a satisfactory background check


  • Supervise and direct overall project activities as assigned. Duties include planning and coordinating departmental activities with others; circumventing/resolving problem areas and ensuring all company/project policies, procedures, and standards are maintained.
  • Create, update and monitor construction schedule using Microsoft Project
  • Create and submit all project RFI’s
  • Facilitate in the submittal process under the direction of the project manager
  • Prepare and distribute all project meeting minutes
  • Liaison with client, subcontractors and A/E to ensure construction activities support project schedule and various client requirements
  • Represent company/project in meetings with client, subcontractors, and unions as required
  • Assume total Project Supervisor responsibilities in Project Manager’s absence as needed
  • Maintain all changes to project by posting drawings, updating Plangrid and creating as-built drawings
  • Create closeout binders at end of project under the direction of the project manager
  • Direct meetings with proper notes as required by the project

Autonomy and Accountability

  • Objectives and how the objectives are achieved will be defined either by the direct supervisor or by explicit procedures and rules. Situations not covered by rules or procedures are referred to supervisor.  All assignments, including the performance of tasks and activities, are reviewed by supervisor in detail with the employee.


Type of Technology, Equipment, Tool Skill Level
Microsoft Project Intermediate
Microsoft Excel Advanced
Microsoft Outlook Advanced
Prolog/Plangrid Intermediate

Measure of Performance

  • Work completed is of good quality and free of errors
  • Tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Communication is timely and clear
  • Owners and architects’ expectations are met or exceeded through feedback obtained
  • Proper attendance, professionalism and overall attitude